Hi, I've been playing guitar casually for about 6 years now. I currently have a Mexican Strat and a Peavey Transtube Blazer 158 1x8 15W amp that I use.

I've been thinking about possibly buying a new amp to use. I was looking specifically at the Fender Mustang I 20W 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp. I don't do any gigs or anything and the most I do is jam with my friends and my current amp is plenty loud for that. I'm considering the new amp because I like the basically unlimited number of presets and all of the options I could tweak.

I know nothing about amps, however. So my question is basically do you guys think it would be worth getting the Mustang I with what I already have? How does the amp I currently have compare to it?

Thanks so much for any help!
sorry for not including all the info I could have!

budget: around $100 is what I'd like to spend, maybe $150. Looking at Fender Mustang I 1x8 20W amp

genre: clapton, beatles, ac/dc, blues. basically anything but really heavy metal kind of sound.

new or used: new

home or gig: home, some jamming with friends

closest city: north jersey

current gear: Peavey Transtube Blazer 158 1x8 15W, Mexican Strat
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Your Peavey works just fine. Save some money up and then come back.

If your REALLY must, try getting a Roland Cube or Vox Valvetronix with a 10" speaker. Even a 12" speaker if the right craigslist deal pops up. You can get a Epiphone Valve Jr. and a Peavey Bandit at that price. If you need to jam with a drummer, the Bandit might really be your only option. Not much on the market for playing loud in that price range.
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