Check out what appears to be the first and only cover of this song on youtube. It's made completely from scratch and I originally intended to switch it up more from the original than i did but i still think it has its own spin. The video is an original creation as well for whoever might be interested but im more worried about the music here

Leave your thoughts and comments as well as links to your own works and ill return the favor

Running Away Into You
Definitely original! I haven't heard the original song, but I definitely like what I'm hearing! Nothing like what I've ever heard before. I really like the effects and echo used in the song, and the little riff played. Keep up the good work, got yourself another subscriber!
Very nice! I loved everything, from the little riffs you play, to the video. Can definitely tell that you put some time into this! You've got another sub from me!
The recording, and effects are great, as stated earlier. It's a crazy song but you did a great job and I really like it. Very Frusciante but I also hear you and not just a copy in the track, which is a good thing. Awesome job!
Hey man. I'm a big Frusciante fan and I thought this was great. Different but still had that far out vibe that the original had, but you brought something new to it. What software do you use to mix with man? Sounds fantastic. Should post this as a response to the original, I think you'd get a lot of hits.