New song up, alt rock/grunge. Written and recorded by me. Tell me what you think, what sucks.. whats cool.. that sorta shit. You may need to turn the volume up a bit, the transfer into bandcamp caused the song to lose some volume. If you dig it send me a 'like' on www.facebook.com/bleakperfect

Also, what do you think of the ending solo? Im not sure if it fits.

Will review back, I promise.

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Hey there,
The intro riff is very catchy and makes me want to get drunk .
You have some skills my friend, although i do think you should turn down the highs on the lead guitar it gets a bit much at times causing it to clash with the cymbal and hi-hat and i also think the snare could use a little more punch so add some gain around 200khz on the snare.


I think a lot of the time the guitar has too much high end, causing an unpleasant 'frizz' kind of sound. Also on the vocals a de esser plugin would be useful, as would a pop shield as sometimes your 'popping' the mic. I would also like to see the vocals slightly louder. The solo until 3:54 is fine i think, just maybe with the effects turned down a little. After 3:54 I however don't feel the solo fits as well. Anyway those are my subjective opinions so feel free to ignore them if you want but heres my stuff.

Thanks for the review! The guitar playing could be tighter at times & have less treble, but I really like the main guitar riff! Vocals, bass, & drums are good. Good songwriting. Nice ending.
The intro's great. Immediately I noticed a lack of bottom end. More drums, more bass! Also, the guitars are REALLY trebly, so adding a little mid and bass would be nice. The vocals are cool. The song is well written. The solo at the end sounds fine, until about 3:54. It's not bad, but it feels like it's going to carry the song in to another part, not end it. I don't really know what else can be said, this is a great song and I appreciate you checking out mine
Thanks for the reviews. For some reason my non uploaded mp3 (for lack of a better term) sounds alot better, not only louder but also just better sound quality in general. Ive tryed to remaster the track numerous times but it still comes out the same when uploaded, quite frustrating.
I found it entertaining. Trebly sound didnt bother me much. Vocals were ok. Just didnt stand out much. I don't know if you'll agree thats just my opinion.
Since you're just uploading sound why not upload it to soundcloud.com ?they might give better quality..Just saying. I'm not sure about it either.
PS:solo was great too.
Thanks for the review. Yes I uploaded to soundcloud aswell, sounds worse there actually... I'm actually going back to the drawing board on this song, I came up with a better chorus and post chorus the other day, maybe ill be able to fix the upload probem in the mixing process. This isin't the best song I have but its the easiest to record, which is why its coming out before my e.p.