Search for the neck profiles of the guitar you have and the one you're looking at buying, then compare them. You'll want to know
  • Scale length
  • Number of frets
  • Width at the nut
  • Width at the body
  • Radius (and if it's a compound radius what the compound is)
  • Finished neck or satin
  • Type of neck wood
  • Type of fretboard wood

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^Don't forget about thickness at fret 1 to wherever the neck is joined.

Also, if the neck on this warlock is anything like on the mockingbird, all i can say is that it's D profile, a little on the thick side. Pretty comfortable for "baseball grip", but could be better if you play more similarly to classical style. Anyway it's what i gathered from trying Mockingbird ST.

I know that there's no dealer near you, but it would be best to try it out first. Or check out guitars with similar specs in your local music stores. That way you'll have achance to try before buying.
Hey, can anyone help me? i'm gonna buy a new guitar soon and I don't know wich one to chose. A gibson Sg standard
or a bc rich mockingbird pro x fr. The bc rich looks cool plays great and has a floyd plus it has 24 frets.
BUT there doesn't stands Gibson on the headstock (if you know what I mean) its made in Korea (not in the USA) And neck-through people says that when somethings wrong with the neck you have to guy a new guitar. But is the chance to get such damage big?
And I think you can do a lot more genres with the Gibson pickups than with EMG's.

Can someone help me?
Why would you post that on a random thread?
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To me my BC Rich's neck felt like a slightly thicker ESP LTD neck. But im getting that comparison from the Metal Master and LTD M100FM I use to have. The NJ series might have a different neck profile than the metal masters.