Hello fellow UGers, I'm looking for a critique of some of my work, available here http://soundcloud.com/danlarsen. I have two different projects Letters Experiment my solo instrumental project and Rational Transition where I play guitar do other various instrumentation. The songs I'm looking for critiques for is West and Loop from Letters Experiment (unless you love metal then look at blind illusion or haze) and Have It All from Rational Transition/ Of course I will return the favour for any critiques.

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I listened to your song West. I dig the chord progression alot, but it gets very repetitive, especially with no vocals. The lead guitar needs work, sounds quite weak, turn up the drive. The guitar tones are okay, could use some Chorus effect. Overall, I like the chord progression and where your going with it, just need to expand on it more.

Also I sent you a follow on soundcloud .
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Hey! I'm listening to Loop right now! I think it sounds really cool. Starts with a simple 2 chord progression, but really grabs my attention when the lead guitar parts come in. It really fills the space and adds overtone to the mix.

I do have some things I'd like to point out though. When playing chords on an electric guitar, you need to be careful. To me, when I hear electric guitar strumming the chords, I feel like the music is suffering strongly. Sometimes it can work really well, and in your case, it worked pretty well, and it blends perfectly with the lead parts.

Another thing in Loop, that I noticed... It's just my personal opinion, but I really think that your lead playing, while it's already very good and fits very well with the mix, could benefit from a good ammount of reverb added, and even a small delay. In my head it sounds perfect with those effects added, but like I said, thats just my opinion

Since I started writing, I've listened to Loop, West, and Rational Transition. I think your songs have allot going for them, and you do a great job at mixing everything together.

If you have a sec, could you please check out a song or two of mine? I'll post my thread here in a link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1508840

Thanks! And great job on your recordings again!

p.s. I'm listening to Anaesthesia as I'm finishing my post, and wow, that's pretty nice. Pretty guitar work. Is that a tele you're playing?
god damnit! I wrote stuff then somehow went off this page! Anyways, listening to Loop and i'm loving the chord progression and that guitar underneath it, aswell as the lead? guitars, very good track and sounds like a good chill out song.
West - Again, i really like the chord progression, and the drums sound interesting, not sure what else that is, keyboards maybe?im liking the sound of that, I was about to write something like you should put in a riff or some lead guitar then it came in haha.

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THanks for the crit, and sorry for the delay in returning the favour! I'm going to have to see what the song sounds like sped up as you suggested now, I'll see if my band wants to do anything with it

As for you, I listened to 'have it all' and it's pretty good, It's tight and it has a good beat. My only crit of the recording quality would be the bass drum, not the beat it plays just the tone of the drum itself.

For the actual song quality, it's pretty good. I think it'd make great background music whilst I'm doing other things because it does sound good and it's not invasive at all. I wouldn't 'just' listen to it though because it's lacking an effective hook, nothing really stands out for me to remember it by. Keep working at it though, you've got a good sound
to Austindicola no it wasn't a tele I was playing, although I think you might have got the right brand. I own a Jackson and a Mexico Strat (With hot rails for metal \m/ ) I usually use the jackson to record but it does sound like fender. Anyway I can't remember.

Weorge - Yeah I agree with the kick drum sound now that you made me listen. It lacks of a lot of... well something that it needs. Do you have any ideas as to make it better EQ? Comp?