Hey guys, I'm fairly certain this topic should go here. If not my apologies!
I've recently taken an extreme liking to King Crimson, and want to learn 21st Century Schizoid man to work on my bass technique. I downloaded the guitar pro tab available on UG, the second version, but for some reason my Guitar Pro client won't open it?

I have the newest version available, I bought it almost a year or so ago and have kept it up to date, but it still won't open. This is the first time I've ever had a GP file refuse to open in it. To be specific, the error it tells me is just: "There was an error opening this file!" (paraphrased of course)
Does anybody else have this problem? Or does anyone have another version of the file they could PM me or something?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

(here's a link to the tab file I'm talking about: link)
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That's odd! Works fine for me.
Try the attached tab and see if you have the same problem.

Nope.. Same thing. "Error Loading <file>"
Any ideas as to course of action?
Are you able to open other gp tabs or you get the same error for all gps?
Don't know what else could've caused this error. Maybe uninstall/reinstall te gp?
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
It's the only GP file I've ever had this issue with, everything else in my collection opens fine.
I'll try that and report back sir! Thanks for your help