Hey, Im just wondering what would be better to get a firewire interface (Saffire pro 14)
or a Peavey 10 USB Mixer, just wondering because i can't find any comparisons any where, Thanks
arent the saffires firewire only? Look into the scarlett. It had some driver problems (in case you look) but they have released updated drivers which work like a charm. Great pres and the plugin suite is nice too.
The Saffire's preamps destroy the ones in the Peavey. If you can afford the Saffire Pro 24 for $50 more, it has a ton more useable features, though, including ADAT, which you can use to expand the interface to up to 10 more inputs, as well as S/PDIF inputs, which you can use to attach 2 more mic preamps to, or other S/PDIF gear.
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I'll second the saffire range. I love my pro 40. Your machine needs the TI firewire host controller in order for it to function though. any questions just PM me, this is what I do!
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as people are saying, the saffire.

most usb mixers will mix it down to two tracks before sending it to the computer, such as the peavey. which means you have to mix live and have minimal options when working in software. with the saffire you will be able to get a separate track in software for each input, meaning you have many more options.