Most of it is going to be intermediate/advanced stuff, I've started fairly basic just to get into the groove of the whole blogging thing.


If this is the wrong subforum I apologise (Don't see why it would be)

It probably helps if you can read music

The blog discusses :-

.Substitute tones in chords
.Tritone substitution
.Consonance and dissonance
.Modal characteristics
.Borrowed chords
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Nice blog- I'd be interested in trading links; however, I don't really see any spot on your site for those. If you have a links page, or add a sidebar, I'd be down. My blog, the Everyday Guitarist, (to which a link is my signature) is actually getting pretty high rankings these days. Lemme know if you are interested.
Give me a couple of minutes to figure it out, I am a complete noob at this, once I have a link section done I'll let you know

edit: Don't think it's gonna happen
If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know
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Not too bad, and I would say it's accurate. You do appear to know your stuff beyond the average claimant, and each topic is brief and concise, and to the point. The handwritten notes are a nice minimalist touch. The information is there for someone to study, but the images are a little on the small side. The caveat/red flag that I was looking for, was in claims of application, but I didn't see you really go there, and that's probably a good thing.



you can click on the images to enlarge them, they should be legible then
I'll be (hopefully) updating this daily, I'm just trying to pace myself so I don't let it all out in a short period of time.
I'll try and make examples of where the devices may be useful aswell, thanks for the critisicm
I do, that's where the majority of this stuff is coming from, that and Arnold schoenbergs 'structural functions of harmony'. I'm genuinely surprised someone else has read that book