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TLDR: Labour MP wrote this on Twitter, should she be made to resign?

Diane Abbott MP @HackneyAbbott

@bimadew White people love playing "divide & rule" We should not play their game #tacticasoldascolonialism
Theres too much of a blame game going on with british politics. Look at what happened to liam fox just because he took his mate with him some places. Or david (the cun*t) cameron when he told a woman AS A JOKE "calm down dear"...

Who cares what she says? if her constituents don't like her any more they can complain or vote her out at the next election , thats the beauty of democracy.
What annoys me is that she tried to excuse her actions as a reference to colonialist policies not modern practices, but given that the hash tag says 'as old as', I don't think she's got a leg to stand on.
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
No, she should be forced to act as a slave for a white gentleman as an apology, that would move things forward......probably.
Im sure if David Cameron said Black people love eating fried chicken and watermelons he would have to resign.
just like to raise a point from a BBC article

"Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi told BBC Radio 5 live: "This is racism.

"If this was a white member of Parliament saying that all black people want to do bad things to us he would have resigned within the hour or be sacked."

This man does have a very good argument for her getting sacked or resigning.
Diane Abbott should be forced to resign for being an annoying, slow-witted, backwards, bigmouthed twerp, who never substantiates her views (or those of her party) with any kind of evidence, just dogma and silence.

(I dislike her)
I think she should. I'm not offended by what she said, and I generally despise it when other white people (generally unsuccesful whites) feel victimised or hurt by e.g. affirmative action policies, black history month, white racial slurs, etc.

However, for large swathes of the public to support the eradication of racism, it has to be seen as not being anti-white, pro-others, but as equality for all. Therefore, she needs to be made an example of how opposed to racism we are as a society, and be sacked or made to resign.

It has also destroyed her so-called reputation for doing much to support equality, among many whites she will probably now be seen as pro-black, not pro-equality. This is the opposite of the type of attitude embodied by the greatest heros in the fight against discrimination and racism, MLK and Mandela.
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Giant ****ing so-what.

As long as she represents her constituents views in the House and not her own, I couldn't care less.
Aw Diane Abbott, y u do this?

Silly woman. Way to ruin what has actually been a really good and productive career. One of the actually decent Labour MPs as well