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Dang, that was insanely melodic.

Agreed. That was beautiful sounding.
That is absolutely one of the best pieces of melodic guitar work I've ever heard. In fact, having heard it, I think I need to go work on my tapping chops.

My only complaint is just a personal one, I don't like that much echo in my clean tones, but it really helps with the ambiance of this piece. Keep doing what you're doing, it sounds awesome.
INSANELY melodic and original! I love the use of delay, definitely a plus in my opinion. The tapping was very clean, with very little, if any "dead" taps as I call them. I love hearing some of the lower notes you put in as well. I also enjoy that this wasn't an attempt by you to show off your "speed" skills as I feared it would be when I saw "tapping". This was a nice melodic piece, which I prefer hearing over the "shredders". Yes, shredding takes some skill, but there's only so many notes you can cram into 10 seconds before I think "okay, really, am I listening to music here or a machine?" Anyways, good job, I really enjoyed this piece, good job, good job with the tempo, notes and overall "feel". I would just add a little teeny bit more reverb if I were you, but in terms of composition, this was a pretty sound piece.

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love the ambient nature of the recording- the tone and delay you have going on is beautiful.
the note choice was pretty much spot on so melodically, it sounded awesome.
however, i reckon it would be even more awesome if you did this as an ambient intro to a song, and lead on to some epic distorted riffage and heavy drums, just to mix things up a bit.
"liked" it on youtube

overall, solid performance.
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