Does anyone know of any songs or tabs which contain like at least 3 guitars but can have up to about like 6/7 guitars. Somethings which sounds very good together and at least one of the parts needs to sound/be not hard but be quite good. I'm doing it for a GCSE ensamble and i'm doing loads of recordings so i figure this could be quite good.

Stairway has at least 4, Free Bird has 3 or 4, most Thin Lizzy songs have at least 3, Layla has about 4 and I think I Want It All has about 4
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Slow dancing in a burning room by john Mayer has 3/4 parts. Same with stairway to heaven
Early Hawthorne Heights, theres three guitars three
you could do something that contains instroments that aren't guitars and play them on guitars, like Avenged or Acopolyptica