This is a follow up from a previous post, where i got some great help from a user called Sickman (I think? His picture was a geodude, awesome choice man ) about getting my Alesis io2 connected to cubase 5. He instructed i install ASIO 4 ALL, and direct my io2 through that, then connect to cubase. However, I have come across another problem. When i want to record, my track shows i have the levels working how i want them, and it lets me record, and the wave pattern appears in my track as expected. However, when i try to play the recording back, theres no sound.
Attached is an image showing how ASIO4ALL looks with my Io2 installed, and my out is apparently unavailable, and i cant figure out how to make it available. I havent got the inerface running anywhere else, and that MS GS wavetable synth, i have no idea about. But surely, i can still hear other files like MIDI through my headphones, its jsut anything i try to record. Im a major novice with Interface setup, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Thank you SO much for that image!! I've desperately tried to get my Alesis io2 working with Cubase for many hours... The internet couldn't help me either... Well, until now :-) Your hint did it for me!

Thank you!