So I'm curious if there is an acoustic-electric guitar like this:

An OM body with a cutaway like such



But, with the headstock of a typical classical guitar (Slotted Headstock) like such


I have found some, but they all are at the 12th fret seen here(http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/recording-king-classic-series-12-fret-ooo-acoustic-electric-guitar) and aren't the same body style. Is this because the tension is to great for slotted headstocks?

I've seen some Godins in that style. Don't know the exact model though.
Wechter has one but not a cutaway. Steel strings.


Also expensive Takamine.

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Thanks, man! Yeah I am not really digging the ones though that don't have access to the frets like the Wechter one :/
I'll give you my reccomendation,
Simon and Patrick Folk Sunburst (I've played one, liked it, and plan on picking one up soon)

Most steel string guitars you are gonna find with the slotted headstock are going to be 12 frets to body and smaller sizes like parlor and 0-000. The reason is that that is how guitars were back in the day, its a style choice really.

If you really want to pony up the bucks look at the Martin HD-28VS... amazing guitar.
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