I'm gonna make a 12 bars blues in A but have some questions about how to exactly do it. This is what I'm thinking of so far:



A | A | A | A

D | D | A | A

E | D | A | E

-Chorus: I'm not sure about this one! Which chords should I use? And how should a chorus sound like in blues? Please help me with this one!



-Bridge: I want to do some variation here. May I use some call and response similar to the "Hoochie Coochie man"? ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSuGBnHTSDs )

-Instrumental solo over the verse: I may take this solo another place in the song.

So what to you UGs think? My main questions is: what should do with the chorus (and also the bridge)?

Thank you!
blues songs dont usually have a chorus. some do, but a lot dont. some just do a chorus over the same 12 bar pattern. some will go to the IV chord after the turnaround in the verse. an example would be "cold shot" by SRV. although the song doesnt really stick to a 12 bar in the verses but it has the chorus starting on the IV and then going to the I, back to the IV and then ending on the V. a lot of old time rock n' roll/boggie songs do this too.

bridges, again blues songs dont usually have them. but theres no rule that says you cant. if you want the song to sound bluesy, i would say leave out a bridge unless its something really simple like maybe resting on one of the chords or changing the rhythm and timing of the chords.
In bar 2, make that the IV chord. It's known as a "quick change" blues.

In bar 4, throw in ii-V to approach the IV.

Bar 6, Ebdim7

Bar 8, F sharp alt

Bars 9 and 10 - Bm to E11

Bars 11 and 12, I - VIalt - ii - V (two chords per bar)
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I think it will be a nice touch to add a ii - V in your last bar: Bm to E which would lead to the A at the start of your progression again.
In most song that I've heard that use a 12 bar blues pattern (songs from way back when) seem to have pretty much the same pattern throughout the piece, so if you're happy to use the same or similar progression for your chorus I'd imagine that will be okay.
Just messing around with your progression, it may be nice to deviate from the 12 bar form and to lead into a normal 8 bar phrase for the chorus for some variation using similar chords. Just thoughts and stuff.
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-Instrumental solo over the verse: I may take this solo another place in the song.

Thank you!

Yes, it's pretty common in blues to take a solo across 2 choruses. Think about how you should build intensity so that it carries over for a double chorus. Clapton, SRV etc were excellent at this.
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