What are some single coil pickups that have better sustain. Im not looking a humbucker style single coil no super distortions just pickups that keep the strat tone but give the guitar more sustain please and thank you.
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sustain has little to do with the pickups, and mostly with the setup, fret material, and how recently you changed strings. A good neck joint helps a lot too. What kind of guitar do you have?
And your amp is?
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your amp and settings will have a huge impact on your sustain as well as if the guitar is setup correctly.

you might want to try Lace Sensor pickups as they do have better sustain and are almost noiseless.
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definetly ganna try lace sensor pickups in the future thank you

no problem. i use a Valveking myself and have had good luck with the LSer pups with it.