Hi everyone, were a metalcore band thats just starting out, and we want to breathe some life into a genre that seems to be going stale. so many new metalcore bands are just trying to sound like other bands and rely on nothing but open string breakdowns to sound cool. we mix it up by being un-repetitive, and having songs that actually are distinguishable from one another. a lot of bands in the genre have songs that all sound the same, but we make sure each song has its own identity.

All of us are extremely passionate about music and this is what we want to do with our lives, so were trying really hard to get our name out there. i cant post links on here, but its just facebook. com / atrothius

we just got back 2 songs we recorded at a studio so if you have some time it would be awesome if you checked us out!
http://www.facebook.com/Atrothius There you go.

EDIT: Not gonna lie, it sounds A LOT like other metalcore. There's still the chugging breakdowns, pedal note riffs, layered vocals, everything that to me represents what is going wrong with the metalcore scene. Its not bad but its certainly not original, and it left me disappointed. Its hard to tell how different each of your songs are if you only have two available for us to listen to, and its hard to take your word for it if both of these songs are so generic.
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