I recently purchased a used Mesa Boogie oversized 4x12 cab, and the previous owner installed (poorly, I might add) an off-white tweed/wicker grill on it. While such a grill may suit some amps, it's growing old on me quickly, and it needs to be replaced.

I have been waiting on a quote from Mesa for a few days, but I'm expecting that a direct OEM replacement will be excessively expensive, as some Mesa users have warned me. I'm investigating alternatives to ordering directly from Mesa, and hoping someone here may have had a similar experience.

Can anyone here recommend any good third-party grill cloth suppliers who can get me as close to the Mesa OEM look as possible? I'm also looking for the black piping for use around the edges of the grill.

Thank you very much!
Mojotone sells the black grille material at $35 a yard, which is probably enough. Might be cheaper on eBay, or if you don't want the Mesa style black (Marshall is $10 cheaper I think).
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