I have printed off the tabs for the song "One"-By Metallica and i am new to taping so I am going to probably have to practice a lot. But my question is how do I tap?
It's like a hammer on, but with a finger on your right hand, usually the middle one. You have to do a pull off again though, so the left hand notes sound too. Just watch out for muting the other strings, since otherwise you get noise from them and it sounds bad.
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you mute the other strings with your right hand then you press the fret with your middle finger and like pull off a bit to the side so it like plucks it there and then you move you left hand finger to do legato for the rest of the notes. If you legato is weak you can like pull off the the tapped note then have the next finger in line on your left hand hit down right after it pulls off then pull off for the lower note to sound depends how many notes of course this is for like 3 but you get the concept.
If you're brand new at tapping, it probably isn't the best idea to start with the One solo. If i recall the solo correctly it's very fast tapping, and whilst it's not a difficult pattern, the speed might cause you to develop bad habits.

Anyways, it's exactly like a pulloff, just with your other hand. That's all i have to contribute
Funny enough this was the song I learned how to tap.
Tapping exercises are ****ing boring, but learning how to tap which is part of a song or solo is way better way to do it or anyother techique for that matter
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You can get some realy fun stuff from Van hallen for tapping.

One easy: Hit the A min panthatonic scale at the 5th fret with tapping on the 12th and go up and down.