I'm really liking the guitar tone. It reminds me of the Doors' "The End". The vocals have a unique whisper-y drawl to them, which sound great. I love the atmosphere that this song gives. It feels like I'm floating in some dark abyss while watching something occur in front of me, if that makes any sense. Nice lead guitar work. Compliments the song very nicely, and the fade out works very well.

Great song here, no complaints whatsoever. Do you mind checking mine out?https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1509419
very nice intro. I liked the effect you used on the guitar. If possible I would raise the vocal track just a tiny bit in the beginning. I know you later build up and was probably trying to start off quiet and then louder but I still feel it could've been just a little bit louder in the beginning. My opinion though. great song!
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