So I recently have started looking into some classical guitars, my problem I am having with them is how dull the strings seem to sound (but then again they aren't steel obviously).

What is the absolute brightest string sets you guys know of and can suggest for classical guitar?
My experience is that the various titanium ones offer a very bright sound. You should realize, though, that only the treble strings will offer that brightness. Most bass strings are almost identical, with the exception of the D'Addario carbons, which actually offer a fluorocarbon core. I would try some of the carbon strings as well as the titanium and see which ones settle in best on the guitar you eventually choose. The guitar itself is going to be the biggest contributor to your sound. Generally, the more you spend, the better the guitar. If you already play guitar, you would probably be happier with a more expensive model. Make sure you get it set up when you buy it. Most come with a very high action that must be adjusted to your taste, normally through bridge adjustment.

The thing about classical is that there is no one 'best' string. There is only the one brand and type that sounds good on your guitar and that you prefer. Make sure you give each set several days to settle in before making a decision on sound. The only issue I had with Galli titanium, btw, is the color. The purplish grey makes them tend to 'disappear' into the fretboard, making life difficult sometimes.
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