Hey guys, last week I went to a music store and bought LINE 6 G50 wireless system. I read all guitar forums about this system, and they all said its the best,...

When i came home, pluged guitar in, tried the system... I tried first the clean channel it was really good almost no diference, but than I tried on Overdrive ( Marshall JCM 900 ) I must say that it sucked!! The tone, sustain, color of sound, everthing was diferent... So I added a bit of gain on my amp, and sound was messy so. Im going to return this system, can you tell me now what system should I buy that's cloaser to cable sound. I heard that Seinnheiser's G3 are good? Yes/No?

Sorry for bad english.

Haven't personalized used a wireless system, but shouldn't you try and figure you if your doing something wrong and try and fix the problem instead of giving up right away?

If "everyone" says it's a top of the line system then obviously it should be performing better then it is, be it broken or otherwise.
I can't tell a difference on my G30 wireless. I'm sure if I A/B'd it would be more noticeable, but no major change on mine. Do you have the cable emulation off?
Don't return it. Go on the Line 6 forums, real the manual, play around with it. Learn how to use it don't just give up after one attempt and get something else.

The Line 6 Wireless G series are by far the best in their price range IMO
Does it sound better with the cable, after you've tried the g50? I say this because a tube may have gone out, causing a weak drive channel. I have a g30, and its great, actually retains more highs so I have to turn that down a bit.
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Hey, guys thanks for replying!

I dont know what else could I do? I've tried diferent settings on my amp ( tubes are good, sound with cable is great) I really dont know -.-" I read the manual, theres nothing to do. You can just change channels on wireless and use the cable emulation, but I've already done that - no difference... Maybe my LINE 6 system is broken, but I dont think so I bought it about a week ago... I've heard somewhere that's good if you use active guitar, you get much stronger signal or something..


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So on the clean channel it works fine but on the dirty channel it doesnt? What about on the dirty channel with all the gain off. It doesnt make sense for it to sound bad on one channel and not the other. I have the g50 as well, works 100% with my 5150.