Hi everyone. Im looking to buy a new amp, a tube one. Now i currently have a line 6 spider 3......I hate it. Ive had it for years and now it sounds like ****. That being said, i know absolutely NOTHING about tube amps. My price range is 200- 300. I would be willing to go another 50 bucks but thats about it.
everything from soft rock, to grunge, to heavy metal haha, so i need something versitile
bugera 6260 can do pretty good cleans and really heavy hi gain stuff. its around £230, dont know what that is in dollars
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I paid 380 for my Epi so cal 50... and probably would have been able to get it for less than that if I had have haggled a bit harder... so getting a decent amp for $300-350 is entirely possible/probable. My advice is dont buy the first thing you see, shop around. Try the local pawn shops, not so much the major chain ones but the more obscure ones. Make sure you get the details of the amps you are looking at and write down the price in-store on one of their business cards and get a store member to sign it (assuming you have got a discount) so you can return later. Another way to do it is look up the local Face book buy swap and sell page (havent heard of this yet???) and trawl through that. I bought my Jackson, a P bass replica nad an amp for $150... Shop around man.
kustom has a 5 watt half stack for $199. jey city has a 20 watt combo for $299 on amazon.
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oh ok, thanks for all the help im definatley going to look on amazon cause i got my Hagstrom on amazon for 400 dollars less than it costs sooo yeah haha probley the cheaper way. @ Dean, i lol'd...
You can generally find a decent tube combo for really cheap if you browse around the used section. I've seen my '84 Peavey 65watt 12" combo going for like $250 on eBay. I wouldn't expect to get a head/cab combo for your budget, but a really decent 1x12 or 2x12 combo should be very available.
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bugera 6260 can do pretty good cleans and really heavy hi gain stuff. its around £230, dont know what that is in dollars


If you want better cleans out of an amp in the 5150 then you get the 5150II or in this case the 6262. Still not the best cleans though.

Definitely check out the Jet City amps. Good sound on a tight budget! I encourage you to save up a little more though. But if you're really hankering for a new amp now then probably your best bet would be the Vypyr 60. That being said you would be going from modeling amp to modeling amp.
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In b4 311 and his crazy used-Vyper-60 theories.

TS, answer these questions, and we'll be able to give you actual advice https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1387138
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