I'm thinking about singing for a band project that I have coming up, mainly because I can't find any other singers who are willing to do it for me. I have sung for a band before and the two things I learnt were this -1. I sing out of tune. 2. I can only tell that I'm out of tune when I'm listening back to recordings of it.

We recorded an album in the old band and I ended up singing on one song because we'd found a guy who could actually sing, and in my head the singing sounded fine, but then as soon as I got to the booth to listen back, it was quite obviously out of tune. I thought I saw the problem so I'd go back, sing it again, it'd sound fine till I got to the booth and it was clearly out of tune.

I was wondering if anyone knows any reasons other than sheer delusion why I would be singing out of tune when in my head it sounded fine, especially since when listening back I was aware it was out of tune without having to be told. I can tell when things are out of tune on recordings, but apparently not live.

Am I just tone deaf, or is there a way to help this?
Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im not alone! ive had htis same problem for a while now. my singing sounds awesome in my head but as soon as its recorded i sound like shit!!! ive never figured it out either? i know your pain! if anyone can help us!! lol HELP!
Alot of the time its also a matter of not liking your natural vocal tone either. Wich in your ears can make you sound even more out of tune. I have this same issue in this same situation right now. I think i sound fine when i record but listening back i was out by a fair bit and i personaly hate my tone :P my only suggestion is practice i guess. I find turning the mix down in my headphones is usefull for me
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How well can you hear yourself when you are singing live? If you can't hear yourself, you might as well be throwing darts in the dark.

And before you say, "I can hear myself okay," consider whether you can hear yourself okay SOME of the time, MOST of the time, or ALL of the time. Even if it is most of the time, you might not be able to hear yourself properly at the ends of phrases, and that will be the place where you will go out of tune. You will either go sharp because you're pushing your voice to be heard (most likely) or (less likely), you'll be going flat because you've run out of sufficient air to produce your voice loudly enough to be heard.

It is almost impossible to sing even half-assed if you can't hear yourself properly every step of the way. For every single note you can't hear properly, you have no reasonable expectation to be able to hit it in tune.

Another possibility is this: The tuning itself is okay, but the tone is lifeless due to poor technique. Singers whose pitch is otherwise fine but who have lifeless tone are often described as singing flat - even though their pitch is not flat.

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Live it varied by the gig and how good the sound man was, but where I found it most was when we recorded ourselves. We generally didn't record live gigs, but we made an e.p. where I was sent off to do some vocal bits and there I could hear myself perfectly I thought, but apparently I still couldn't get it right =D

It could be that my tone was flat because of bad technique. I tried finding some of the recordings on myspace, but it turns out we just have the new singer on the songs that are there now. Trying to be as objective as possible, my voice at the time in my head sounded like I was singing properly and with feeling, but when I heard it back it sounded, and I'm aware that this is a subjective description but it's the best I have, lazy. It sounded like I was just sort of half assing it, even though I was putting things into it and it sounded fine in my head.

I'm not sure. I may have to wait till I have some spare money for some lessons.