I need to know how to get guitar sound in guitar rig so that i can play it there and listen to it through my speakers then open it up in reaper..Guitar rig and ez drummer arent showing up in reaper under VST or DXi or anything and i cant get sound in guitar rig.

It shows that im playing but not coming through speakers. When i set up ASIO the usb connector shows up but when i pick output on guitar rig it has options (not connected, and SB live series 1, series 2 etc?)
i just installed them in the default place it says when they open and install....if i didnt put them in the right places do i have to reinstall everything?
No, just open the Reaper preferences, go the VST section and add the directories that contain the .dll's for those plugins to the list of folders for Reaper to scan.
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alright i got it to show up in reaper and i got sound through the headphones on the usb thing...any reason why it wont come through my speakers?
Alright...now i got it showing up in reaper and showing input and out put sound. I add it as an FX and it shows its recording when i play...but i cant hear it. I tried with my speakers hooked into USB device and in the computer?
Have you made sure to turn on track monitoring on the channel strip?
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