Hey guys just got the new Jackson SLXQ Soloist in sunburst with the floyd...heres my story...ok When i first got the guitar i knew nothing about floyds at all i tried tuning to drop C but it didnt sound right little did i know i just had to level the bridge out, in the mean time i had it in drop d. I decided today to put it in drop c and level it out through the screws in the back of the guitar, I did that had it all ready to go all tuned and what not went to do a squealie and pop there goes the E string...odd i know but thats not my concern. I got it all back together and the first time i pulled up i heard another pop...took the back panel off and seen that the hooks on the springs were all the way in the claw which i realized before they were semi-out ...took them out a little more and put the panel back on kinda but when i pulled back up the hook went right back in the claw. now everytime i take the hook semi out it just pops again, the main problem is when they are all the way in the floyd system makes LOTS of noise that makes it sound loose, maybe should i just tighten it down? Im not sure dont know about these floyd rose systems...i know im a nube when it comes to them but man..please help it means alot Thanks
Perhaps, go and see a proper guitar tech. You can save a lot of time while you can ask for the advises too.
^ nah he probably reported an adbot and the mods deleted the post, so we can't see it.

at least i assume that's what happened

do you have any pics of what's going wrong with your floyd?
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