Hi, i'm Kevin, almost 22 years old. I have been playing guitar for a few years and am wanting to really start playing again with others and getting something going band wise.
The kind of music I like varies widely, from alternative/indie, modern and classic rock, to older metal and modern metal bands. I would like to do something in the alt-rock type area, since it allows more creativity and flexibility in my opinion. I'd consider anything really, i'm just looking to get back jammin.

Some bands I enjoy listening to, broken bells, incubus, rhcp, foo fighters, radiohead, mars volta, ledzep, queens of the stone age, silversun pickups, black keys, temper trap, tool, the arcade fire, foster the people, young the giant

If you play guitar, bass, drums and are interested in playing some music, i'd be interested in jamming! Let me know, I have a bass as well and can play that somewhat
hello kevin! my name is andrew. i play guitar, ive been playing for over 10 years. id love to get together and jam sometime, see if we can make something happen. ive got alot of material written and id love to write stuff together too. let me know if youre interested. im also in portland, (lake oswego) and im 18 years old. i listen to a lot of the stuff you listed.