Yea I like the damien alot, but I cannot find a elite around here to play.... But I am thinking it should be better if anything
I own a Damien Elite FR, and while I DO want a pickup swap for it(not an EMG person, but I *AM* a lefty so I don't have much choice for 80s metal guitars other than Ibby, and I find their necks too small, and I got it new with a hardshell case and a setup for $700 CDN so I can't really complain), it's a very solidly-built guitar, I think it plays great, the Floyd keeps tune nicely(I abuse the trem a lot, and my bar won't flutter after the 7 months I've owned her, but otherwise she's fine), and if EMGs are your thing, it's got those too(if not you could easily sell them)!
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
the Elites are usually the best of the best of each line. Nice way to get $100 in upgraded guitar. Better wood Moehogony vs Basswood and I think the Elite might be a neck thru or a set neck too.
Hell I would go for it.
The EMGs should sound good in the Moe hogoney. And the value of an EMG set is like $200 retail.

So its a WAY better deal.

Like the other dude was saying...you could sell the EMGs if you don't like them and they could pay for almost any thing else.
What the hell!!!
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I liked how the damien sounded, I am guessing the actives should sound better all around then the passive emgs? But what about the basswood vs mahogany maple top, would I lose a lot of the high end?