well thats a little harsh, but it does hurt my eyes... but whatever im hear to listen anyway. your voice sounds good, though i think the verses are stronger than the chorus is. the would-be falsetto part sounds a little weird since thats a big build up spot in the song and theres not much for it here. overall id say this is a pretty standard take on the song, the whole 12 string idea is cool but not much else was really added or changed. its not bad by any means but it has nothing to really stand out over the countless other dani cal covers.

would you mind checking out one of my covers?
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I do agree, the video effect isn't the most appealing. This video is really just a way for me to attempt to "promote" my album, which can be listened to in the description of the video. It wasn't really an attempt to blow minds. Maybe turn a few heads onto the Chili Peppers and possibly entertain a few people, but wasn't meant to really impress. If you want to be impressed, I'd suggest listening to the album! That's really some of my best work so far. Thanks anyways for the kind advice!
well hey, in that case all the power to you. not a bad idea at all