I was bored last night at 4 am and I couldnt sleep so I made this track, its my first time recording anything so its a little rough. I wanted it to sound like a track off of John Fruscainte's Niandra Lades an Usually just a t-shirt. Everything was 100% made by me. Please critique it so that I can improve on my track making skills.

im about to listen to this, it would have been hard for you to make a thread title that would have caught my eye faster. niandra is quite possibly my favorite album.

anyway, onto the review. i like the note that comes out of nowhere at 1:33 but then that static after that is a little meh. the lead guitar after that is a bit loud, drowns out the chords almost completely. happens again around 3:10 but i really like this lead part enough though its not actually much of anything. it fits the niandra style to a T. im digging how at the very end the chords drop off and that lead part is still ringing out, also very reminiscent of that style. i like the song itself and i think the biggest critique for me would be the volume levels but im glad i got to listen to this. i think the conditions under which you made this are prime for creating such pieces.

If you want to C4C check out this thread, all three songs i would consider to be inspired heavily by that album but one of them is a lot more obvious than the other 2 and someone else actually even pointed it out. if you look at my channel i just put up a running away into you cover and i have a bunch of other john songs too including a couple more from that album

heres the running away into you thread if that better suits you
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i agree, i instantly clicked
im listening now. this sounds more like here air, rather than niandra lades, but i definitely know what you are talking about. i think you should readjust the volumes a little bit, but im diggin it so far. im loving how long that note lasted, after the chukkas after the distortion, that last clean note you played sang. you spelled experimental wrong
very nice
check out my track? its not very frooshy, more shoegazey?