Hey guys,

I play guitar in a black metal band from seattle called A God or an Other. We just recorded a demo and you can download it for free at our bandcamp page;


or just listen to it on facebook at;

we play black metal with influences from many different genres like sludge, doom, post-rock, psychedelic. check it out, love it, hate it, whatever....
Sick, man, I'm very impressed with the drum sound you got. The snare has plenty of pop, without sounding like a stupid grindcore piccolo snare. And you have just the right amount of dark, doomy melody when its necessary, and cruel, raw madness when its not. Great song writing and such.
thanks guys! download our demo, were also putting out a full length in the next 6 months so look out for that. so far everything on the new album is sounding a bit more dissonant and black metal, but all those songs will be on it remastered as well.