Hey all, i've been doing alot of testing lately with my amp. its my 1st tube amp and having the effects loop is half the fun for me! Anyways, anytime i plug ANY pedals into the loop it adds ALOT of noise. I've switched out cables and none make any difference. I was thinking maybe its a tube issue? Not sure how much added noise there should be using the pedals i am using. I've tried having just 1 pedal in the loop vs having all of them in the loop. I've tried short cables and long cables and a straight up patch cable from send to return. Interesting enough the patch cable from send to return didnt yeild as MUCH noise but defaintely still added some. And i should clarify that when i say adding noise this is with the pedals turned OFF or in bypass mode.

PEDALS in the loop:
MXR Noise Clamp
Digitech RP6
Boss ME-50

PEDALS up front:
Ibanez TS9

I've read that you can tell if a preamp tube as gone microphonic by tapping it with a pencil while the amp is turned on but the way my amp is setup is the transformer hangs down right in front of all the tubes so i run the risk of touching that. and from all the posts i have read that amps are DEADLY it makes me nervous to try.

I am also fighting a MAJOR feedback issue. Mainly when i have the TS9 on but it happens anytime my post gain is above 2 and sometimes even lower. I'll post my settings in case that helps define what normal should be. Should I be getting crazy feedback at post @ 2 and pregain @ 4.5?

Presencee 4
Resonence 6
Post >2
High 5
Mid 6
Low 5.5
Pre 5

TS9 settings
Gain 0
Ton 7ish
Volume 7ish

Thanks in advance for any advice.
You can try tapping the tubes, the outside of the transformer can't hurt you.
It can get pretty hot but it won't hurt you so don't be nervous.

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Sweet, ill give it a go in the morning then. my next puchase was going to be a speaker but maybe it will be tubes. i just read about the feedback issue and it said if the feedback goes away when you turn your guitar volume down then its your guitar not a faulty tube. doesnt answer the extreme noise when using the effects loop.
IDK, try just running a patch cable from the send to the return in the loop. (No pedals). If it's still noisy it might be a problem with a tube, but I suspect it's in your pedals. The V3 tube runs the effects loop, so that is the one to check. (3rd tube away from the input side of the amp.)

As for the feedback, I'd say that's normal, especially with the tubescreamer. With the post gain on 2 or higher, you are already at a considerably high volume. If you're standing close to the amp AT ALL it's going to start feeding back if you stop playing or muting the strings. Where do you have your pre-gain set? You shouldn't need much gain if you're using a Tubescreamer; I set mine at 3.
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Thanks KailM - I have tried the straight patch cable and it does make more noise but not AS much noise as when adding the pedals. Like i said with the pedails in the OFF positions there is still a TON more noise than without the loop connected. Pregain is on 5 or sometimes 4.

I just opened the back up and tapped all the tubes and there was only 1 tube that make sound through the speakers when tapping it and that was the tube that is closest to the input jack. So standing at the back of the amp its the furthwest away and furthest left.

EDIT: its this tube - V1a Input gain-shared by Rhythm and Lead

Didnt make any whining sounds or anything just could hear the tapping through the speakers. Is that bad?
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Friggn A found the noise problem! it was the power supply to my RP6 causing all the extra noise. the one thing i hadnt tried yet was to unplug ALL electronics from that power strip. I had tried with the RP6 unplugged but just having that power adaptor connected made all the noise. Kinda weird cause it wasnt running to anything but whatever teh case just having it plugged in made the additional noise. Feedback problems have subsided a little bit too.

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