Hey guys, so I just moved and am somewhat unpacked right now.

one thing thats bothering me, is that my POD HD has become alot more noisey when all plugged in and all.

like to compensate,, I need an addition noisegate before that I didnt need at 55% on the level to completly kill the noise.

TBH I think its either bad house wiring or something not grounded.

the only time the noise isnt there is when POD master volume is on 0 or guitar volume on 0.

It happens with singlecoils, Humbuckers, different cables, all my patches etcetcetc.

so is it just something I have to work around or is somethign wrong with the actual unit?
Well, it's most likely dirty power, or interference, this is a common problem people experience when moving. Their gear reacts differently to their new environment than before and they think it got broke somehow. Which is not the case, filter the power, or shield it from interference, and you'll be fine.