Hey, i have a 100 watt bass amp, it has 2 imput slots, a low knob, high knob, pyramid knob, volume knobs etc, i was wondering, since it has two input slots, does that means i could plug in 2 separate bass guitars and play them both at the same time through the same amp? Also another question, would i be able to plug in one bass guitar and a electric guitar and play them both at the same time through the amp? would it wreck the amp or be bad in any way for it? thanks
Dont. The two imputs are one for active pups and one for passive. Ie high and low imput
I don't think it causes a problem. If anything internally it might favor one input and only allow that one to pass through and ground the other, but unlikely.

In the early days whole bands might all plug into one amp or an amp with multiple inputs aka a PA.

Your risk it sounding crappy for both to be running thats all, and the active input usually drops the signal by a good bit to prevent overdriving, so one will be much weaker.