Alright so I am thinking of modding my MIM Telecaster, with standard electronics and everything, and I'm looking to beef up the sound a bit. I was thinking of putting in a Tele Hot Rails for the bridge, with the 4-conductor wires so I can split the coils, and keep the stock neck pickup as its sexy. I was wondering though, could I also put in the 4-way switch with the 4-conductor wired pickup and a push/pull pot? Also, what type of pots should I use then on a Tele, 500K or 250K? It is currently 250K pots but could I have something like a 500K volume pot and a 250K tone pot?
All of these things are up to you. I think a hot rails would be fine with a 250k but I'm not sureHow old is your tele because some of them are routed for a humbucker in the neck.
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For the setup you're going for, here's what I recommend.

Hot Rails, despite being humbuckers, will not sound as dark as a standard humbucker just by nature of their shape and size. Therefore, I think a 250K tone pot with a .022mfd capacitor would work fine. As for your switching setup, this is what I believe will work best for you. With the 4-way, your options could be 1. Bridge, 2. Bridge + Neck in Parallel, 3. Bridge + Neck in Series, 4. Neck. That would leave your push-pull pot to coil split the Hot Rails. This would give you 7 different sounds. Bridge, Bridge Split, Bridge/Neck Parallel, Bridge Split/Neck Parallel, Bridge/Neck Series, Bridge Split/Neck Series, and Neck.

Another cool option (which I do on All of my guitars) is a blower/bypass switch. Choose to either bypass the tone control, or bypass the tone And volume controls. Great solo switch. You could put this on another push-pull.

Just some suggestions
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