For the second thread in a row I'm seeking help... Maybe sometime soon I'll contribute. But I don't know shit about guitars and I'd be a moron not to ask for a bit of advice. So, I'm looking to buy a guitar, and the ones I find that I like end up being thousands. I'm looking for something with an odd, I guess modern design, something like the link but it doesn't need to be exact. I'm open to suggestion. I love a hard rock sound so something with humbuckers would be nice. I also like playing (or trying to) at the speed of ****in light, so something with a design for fast playing is always good. I play on a Strat so I'm okay with 21 frets but the more the merrier. Now the fun shit: I don't want to pay over 8-900 and I want a guitar that can take a beating and a heavy gauge of strings without having problems. Anything with an odd design, odd sound, etc. Thanks for any suggestions!

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This is the wrong forum. Also, look for an Ibanez. They have some good, cheap starter guitars.
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Look around for a used Gibson Firebird of some kind. Those are pretty sweet, distinct looking guitars.
get an epiphone wilshire pro, it's got mahogany set neck and body! It's a steal for the price dude.
Get a Dean. Mines taken a cluster**** of beatings

Still wrong forum btw.

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Take a look at Charvel. Their Desolation line has some pretty unique looking guitars (except for their single-cuts, which of course look like the traditional LP).
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