The recording isn't perfect, but all I use is a cheap condenser mic from best buy that's like $60, so I mean you can only get so much from it haha. I'm pretty bad at mixing and mastering I'll admit, but I think I produced this one pretty well for once. I decided to post it here cause I've gotten remarkable comments about it to me and it shocked me honestly, when I finished recording I wasn't too proud of the finished product, but I'm starting to really like it myself, so I wanted to see what people here would think since you guy's are more keen to music (I'd imagine, and it's unbiased opinions since you're not my friends.). Lyrics and download are in the description of the video for those interested. I'm 18 and am in a hardcore band, but I like making my own acoustic stuff on the side every now and then. Don't be too harsh, I know I don't have the best voice haha.