Watch you now hear you say
Every little thing in the way
Where you go what you do
Dance of the needle gone too soon
Broken wings share the young
Arms and veins here it comes
plastic smile slight of hand
No more time gone again

Somewhere choke the air
Locked away never stay
lie and steal forget the real
Whats your name and whats your game

How do you find breath and breath
Days to days inside your head
Did you wake do you sleep
whats the difference can't you see
Count the ticks hold on to this
You gave you this don't give a shit
Just another way to go
Drug another before you know

I wrote this looking back at the time my big bro was hooked on heroin. It's got a post-grunge acoustic sound.
Guitar Center Tech: We'll replace it if you drop it, run it over, spill beer on it-
Jay (Bass): We spill beer!
Myself: Okay, yeah, I'll do the Gold Coverage.