Is it everyday that you feel the drugs
Feel the lies feel like going numb
It gets me high
Is everyone just like everyday
Got no reasons and nothin' to say
I cross the line
Does boredom die in a cigarette bliss
A caffeine rush hour life to live
Can't take no more
No time to think and no time for truth
I don't even know what to do
I've lost control!

Hallucinate reality
Braindead society
Sell me serenity
In a plastic psychology
Neo-Internet defined
Semantically Divine
We're lost inside
While the blind lead the blind

No one ever said it could have been this way
It's a mad world and we're goin' insane
Just like you too
A new generation of liars and thieves
Left the fallen flags on the empty streets
So who are you
Battalions of souls always looking for a sign
Like the child of man taught to never ask why
Have we gone wrong
This is not a matter of win or lose
It's time we rise together to stand true
Let's take them on!

Hard Rock, Alternative sound. A controversial look at the new generation and the "don't know, don't care" attitude.
Guitar Center Tech: We'll replace it if you drop it, run it over, spill beer on it-
Jay (Bass): We spill beer!
Myself: Okay, yeah, I'll do the Gold Coverage.