I couldn't think of a name for this one

I know Im so damn tired; goin insane
But im not turning back now not running away
Im gonna take a bit of everything into tomorrow
forget the broken promises, leaving the sorrow
Maybe I'm just a fool but maybe I don't care
I see beyond the gray whats between here and there

stir a litte up in my mind of my confusion
waver into the thoughts of a used illusion
take it up with the blacklight over my head
break it down with the sound of whats never been said

Ive been told to remember the face of my father
And never forget the words of my mother
But looking back now those days look at me so dim
All the words are lost in a raging whirlwind
Maybe I'm blind yeah but maybe you shouldn't waste your breath
Cause I ain't wastin my time before the time of my death

I'm not looking for solice in whats around the bend
I'm letting go of everything out of my hands
I'm living without those worries livin without that pain
Not ever getting caught again in that stupid mind game
Yeah whatever I don't care so just nevermind
I'm neither here nor there so I must be outta sight

I don't even know how to translate this song into what I was thinking. Very Alice in Chains alternative
Guitar Center Tech: We'll replace it if you drop it, run it over, spill beer on it-
Jay (Bass): We spill beer!
Myself: Okay, yeah, I'll do the Gold Coverage.