25 year old guitarist/bassist in the Washington/Lincolnton area of Georgia. Mostly I'm looking for some colabs on recordings. I am interested in joining/starting a band, but most of my equipment was stolen back during the summer. I've since replaced my guitar rig with a Peavey 6505+ combo, but do not have a bass rig yet. I can also do anything acoustic. I have my own transportation and a pretty free schedule. You can see what gear I do have right now in my sig.

I'm pretty open to different styles. Back in Tennessee where I'm from I've played in a few different bands (Adire, Jane Switchblade & Wikkid Revenge). You can also check out my solo stuff in my sig to get an idea of my style. I'm more of a rhythm guitarist than a lead. My background is mostly alternative, some punk, metalcore, etc. I'm not looking to do any southern rock or country. Also, I'm not big on cover bands. I would rather do originals, but not completely against covers.

If you're interested or have any questions just send me a message on here and I'll get back to you.