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I've just recently started a new band, my first band, but am having doubts about my equipment.
I did just buy my first Les Paul because my girlfriend said I shouldn't, however. I sure showed her. The problem is my amp. Everyone in the band has full stacks and all that carry on were-as my only amp is a Peavey bandit 65. Not the best amp, nor the newest and certainly not the best looking. Obviously I want to look pro n shit when playing live and feel like I'm letting the side down a bit. It's just gonna be a David and Goliath battle of the amps.

tl'dr? Just started a band and worry my amp is shit, do I really need to worry? Should I just rent a good amp for when we play gigs?

What stacks do they have?

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Nobody gives rats ass what your amp looks like, least of all an audience, only whether it sounds good. As long as your bandmates aren't dicks volume isn't going to be an issue, most half-decent venues will have a PA that you can all mic up to anyway.

Now if the sound you're getting simply isn't doing it for you then that's a different matter, and if it simply doesn't have the tone you want then you might want a look at replacing it. Bandit's have a nice quiet, flat clean channel so they take pedals well and that might be all it takes to get the tone right, but if it's warmth and dynamics you're missing then it's probably the time to start looking for a tube amp.
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You can just get the amp mic'd up, it's not an issue.

If you want a louder amp, just buy one....with a tube amp you might get to find out why that Gibson cost so much too )
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Yeah I'm only an apprentice so price is always an issue. Thanks for the help btw.
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Nobody gives rats ass what your amp looks like, least of all an audience, only whether it sounds good.


If you're getting the sound you want and the volume you need, stop worrying.
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When I was 17, my band played a festival with a big stage, PA, etc. and I was using a 10W Peavey Decade. We threw a mic in front of it, and you could hear it blocks away.

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One of the dumbest things you can do is buy a big 50 watt amp and cab which you don't need. The thing about those amps is that they only sound great at crazy volumes.

You don't need 'em. It's only a question of if you like the sound of your amp.

Guys are playing stadium gigs with 25-watters these days. Quite frankly, that Peavey - if you like the tone - is more amp than you'll ever need. Those things are LOUD!