Well i've been playing guitar for 2.5 years now, but not so much these past couple months, especially since i started working full time. I find making time for guitar a lot more difficult than it used to be.

I listen to almost exclusively metal and whilst i still love it as much as i always have, I feel like i don't get the same enjoyment i used to from playing all my favourite metal songs, and i feel like i'm not improving like i used to.

I feel like for whatever reason i should be following a more classical path, but i don't know how to get started.. I know so little classical music.

For getting out of the slump i'm in, would getting a guitar teacher once a week be a good idea? I'm sure many of you guys have been in the same situation is myself, and what helped you get past it?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
im not sure whether classical guitar is the right direction but getting a teacher is ALWAYS helpful as a good teacher will always push you in the right direction and make sure you dont go off track. a good teacher will know whats best for you. but dont be afraid to spend the extra pound or two a week on a teacher because that small amount of money is all the difference between a good teacher and a crap one. i had two crap teachers before my current one and i didnt even realise how bad they were! then i went to my current teacher for only 1.50 pounds more and hes improved me more in 3 months than i could ever have improved with my other teachers in 2 years!
Only you can answer yourself what you want to do with your guitar and what direction you want to take your playing in..
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Try getting a month subscription to a site like Jam play, or do there week long free trial. They have loads of great lessons in kinds of styles, techniques, theory, all sorts. Browse the different things they teach, do their lessons, learn some stuff and see where you feel most at home. Then you could get a teacher. This might help you find a style you love.

They have a classical section you can check out, I recommend you also check out blues, jazz, country and rock at least.

If your working full time, I think the best thing is to find some thing you really enjoy, find fun and can relax to whilst you play.
You may already know this but metal has its roots in blues and rock, particularly earlier metal. I don't know if you plan to be writing songs or not but learning these styles will definitely help to expand your creativity if you are. While not an avid listener I've also heard somewhere on this site that classical music is structurally similar to some styles of metal too (progressive and neoclassical?) So either of these directions would likely be good for you. Hope this helps