I have a 1987 Jackson Soloist. $850 PayPal'd and shipped.
Bridge PU is a Dimarzio Tone Zone. Middle PU is a Lace Sensor Blue. Neck PU is a Lace Sensor Gold.
Here is a quick breakdown of the electronics:
3 individual on/off switches for the PU's.
The Tone push/pull is a coil tap.
The Volume push/pull is a "blower" switch. Basically, regardless of what PU combo you are in; when pulled, just the humbucker is activated.
When I bought this guitar about 6 years ago, the owner told me that it belonged to Tim Calvert of Forbidden. Although, I do not have any documentation of this, I did contact him on myspace a few years ago, and he did verify that he owned it. Also verified the cosmetic flaws.
Which brings me to the bad part:
This guitar was dropped on a mixing board. (Based on the indentions, I am certain it was a Mackie board.) So, it has some dings.
The tone and playability of the guitar are completely unaffected.
It does come with OHSC. It truly pains me to part with this, but right now, finances dictate otherwise.