Hey there. My band is getting new equipment for a fuller sound. We are wondering what kind of bass amp we should get. I play using a Marshall 100w head w/ a 4x12 300w extension cab, so we need a bass amp that won't get over powered by that. What kind of wattage should we be looking for? Stack or combo?
get a head capable of 200-300 watts and a 4x10.

Are you playing a MG stack by chance?
askrere is pretty much onto it right there.Depending on the style of music,you might need more/you might get away with less,but around 200-300 is good.I recommend a stack not a combo,and a decent quality D.I.
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Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
Thanks! Any recommendations for brands? If we had our way, we'd go for Ampeg or Acoustic, but since we're talking about a stack it is going to get pricey. Are there any great bargain brands out there that will get the job done? We mostly play classic rock, blues, and country.
Hartke have some nice heads and some ok cabs. The HA series head s give alot of tone shapeing, and have DI (however i cannot comment on the DI quality, havent used it yet) Genz benz have some nice cabs, again, i have one, got it second hand. Same with the head. They have both had a bit of a beating and are still in good shape. Im sure the last owner took it to a gig and had someone try kick in the front grill of the cab, it caved in, slightly. Solid thing.

Ampeg are ok, but their heads in the lower price range arnt as good as the high ends, from what ive heard. Cheak out the FAQ, see which brands are recomended. Even if its for begginer amps, because you can then cheak out the brands site for their higher end models, see what looks nice, and then search them on google/the forums using the search feature to find how we all think it goes. That is how ive picked all my gear.
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Acoustic is a bargain, especially used or haggled with, you at least $100 for the holidays at GC spending $599.

From every review and amp I've tried Ampeg really kind of pisses me off. They had some great recording volume bass amps, then they hit the jack pot and their 8x10 and SVT head stack got noticed and are now the like golden standard of bass players. In rocks short little history which gets clouded and skewed sooo easy, many players think your not serious unless you own said stack and a Fender or Rick instrument. Now that Ampeg is famous they put out a lot of crap with the Ampeg name and price tag, but generally people are never really happy with. And who would be when a companies entire product line seems to be cheaper to produce SS and hybrid amps that they still charge an arm and a leg for. That isn't even the lame part, the lame part is they generally always seem to market it with having that Ampeg sound, which is either just impossible if they mean the SVT grinding tube tone, but and possible if they mean it sounds like an Ampeg because Ampeg made it *sigh*.

/rant I just had to get that out, even though you said not a chance of getting Ampeg, but a lit of thread recently opened with people wanting bottom breed Ampeg amps
Thanks for that. I never really looked into Ampeg that seriously to find all that out. I am finding some good deals on Acoustic stacks. Also, I'm finding a lot of powerful Behringer stacks at good prices, but from what I've read they're mostly good because they are affordable, not much in the tone department. I've also found good deals on Kustom heads and Ashdown cabs. Don't know if that combo would be any good or not. We're in no rush though.
The best sound you'll get out of a Behringer is the big bang when it commits suicide after about 3 gigs.
I'd say an acoustic 200 head and 4x10, but if you can swing it a 600 head would set you with all the watts you'd need for life with that 4x10, you'd have power, headroom and a good amount of air being pushed. Look used though, usually GK and Peavey will be around.
I'd start with at least 300w and an at least mid-quality 4x10 cab. Then EQ for cut... keep low lows flat/cut, push low mids around 150-200hz, bump around 500hz if you still need more cut.

A lot of people boost their lows (e.g. awesome "bedroom" sound generally = crappy "in the mix" sound) and end up running their head/cab hard and still end up with no presence in the mix. Keep your lows under control, and run the Master higher (mids are what are actually heard).

Go used... you'll get better stuff that way and the person selling probably knows more about the gear than the poorly paid sales rep you get at a big store.

IMO no combo will get the job done vs loud drums and a pushed tube amp through 4x12.
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Well, seeing as I'm probably the biggest hartke fanboy on this forum, I would whole-heartedly suggest the Harkte LH500. Great head for a decent price, and the D.I is pretty good. Some might not like the 3-band EQ, but I feel that it can give you a lot of options. Throw a Tech21 VT pedal in front, and you are set to go.

As for cabs, there are loads to pick from. I myself, use a Hartke VX410. It's an OK cabinet, but nothing more than that. I would suggest looking into Avatar (if you live in the US), Harke Hydrive series or the EBS Classicline series.

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Thanks for the info everyone. It gives us a lot to think about. I will check out the Hartke. And we will prob go with with a 300w or higher. Might as well.