I've got some more cash lately and I'm looking for a backup metal guitar with ebony fretboard. I don't really care about other specifics, I'm just crazy about the ebony.

I've seen LTD ec-1000t with pretty fretboard as well as jackson SLSMG. Do you guys have any other ideas? (lets stay within les paul/strat shape please no V's). LTD looks cool but I'm worried about the ESP vs LTD stuff. I don't think I'd be able to bear the fact I dont have the "genuine" one...

Is there ANYTHING made in Japan with ebony up to 1000$? : /
just get a ALPINE WHITE gibson les paul studio. it has an ebony fretboard.
but $1000 is loads of money there must be something in a super strat shape or something. have you lookes at shecter guitars? but the lp will do the job and if noth there money left in your budget for new pickups.

EDIT: also check out jackson guitars and ibanez guitars.
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You can get a custom Carvin with an ebony fretboard for $1,000 or less, depending on the model. They make awesome guitars.
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You'll be lucky to get an MIJ guitar for $1000 in general, much less one with an ebony board.

I know Schecter ATX guitars have an ebony board, as well as some LTD EC models like you already mentioned.

I don't think Ibanez makes any models with ebony.
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If I was you I would consider going used. If you can get your budget up to $1300 you can scoop a used ESP eclipse ii.

edit nevermind specs say its rosewood. Looked like ebony.
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Why do you want ebony so much? I think its kinda overrated compared to a nice rosewood or maple one.
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