Today sitting at my desk guitar in hand I decided it to be a good day to learn some Boss. With a click of the mouse my heart started beating fast. Another click and my palms start to sweat. With each click of the mouse my terror grew to realize Springsteen tabs have been removed!!!!!

This a forum to lament the fact that we can no longer access the tabs of one of the World's Most Supreme Rocker......It is a tough day for Boss fans and their guitars everywhere
As with the Dethklok tabs, they will be hard to find on a public web site if there are any kind of copyright complications, your best bet if you want these tabs is to download them via Torrent, someone is bound to have them.
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They aren't removed, they're still working OK for me.

I'm in the UK though, and here we have issues accessing tabs by various other artists including Led Zeppelin. Assuming this is related to the same legal issues, if you search through the forums you will find all the answers you need.
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Quote by GaryBillington
They aren't removed, they're still working OK for me.

Ditto (I'm in France).