I've just put the deposit down on a Jet City amp, so now need a little extra money to be able to buy the remaining 90% of it...

Anyway, for sale is my Line 6 Spider IV (30 Watt), with its channel switch pedal (the FBV2). The amp is in great condition and has been well looked after. It is fully functioning and I cannot find any surface scratches. The footswitch is in great condition, just like the amp. The cable is in full working order, however the insulation around it's connection points have become slightly detached (see picture). It's a standard ethernet cable, which can be picked up cheaply on Amazon.

I bought them in December 2010, totaling over £150. I am selling the amp and footswitch together for £80. This is collection only (cash on collection please) from near Brentwood, Essex.

Feel free to ask any questions.
Amp (off).jpg
Amp (on).jpg
Footswitch cable.jpg
I've just looked up the price of a used Line 6 Spider IV (30 Watt), and the cheapest I've found it so far is £100 (with footswitch), and £90 (without footswitch). So this is probably going to be the cheapest you'll be able to find it at the moment.

Anyone thinking about buying yet?
Just to let you know - there has been some interest from eBay, so if you were thinking of buying the amp, this is the time!