Sorry this review is later than I said it would be, it slipped my mind.

I will say that the piece gets very boring very quickly. Everything just needs bringing to life a little bit. I didn't dislike it, it's just very plain. The only part that really didnt work was in the 'Cambrio' section, from bar 51. The part that track 2 was playing didn't fit at all. Overall, 5/10. It definantly needs work, but I've heard much worse on here.
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Intro sounds nice; it definitely has a spanish kind of feel in the chord progression. When the drums join in, it gives it a cool feel, like a nice build up. The guitar that plays the higher chords over fits well. The chorus, however, is rather boring and didn't hold my attention. The change section is weird. I didn't care for it, the tempo change was awkward and the guitar itself didn't sound to great to my ears.

It needs work, especially at the end and the choruses.
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