I've searched for musicians in my land but couldn't find any so this is going to be an online band . I need a drummer (real kit) and a bass player . recording quality is not important . it going to be an old school black metal band , if you don't like such thing simply don't post in my topic . We are going to record a demo of 2 songs and I'll search for a label to release it . I almost finished writing the first one so we'll make it fast !

the songs are written on guitar pro tabs .

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Try to look here; www.forMusicians.net
Go to Musicians Map section
Take a look before you decide to register or not
Pd;where do you ...???
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If you're not a TR00 Elitist or whatever and your mind is open I'll be your drummer. Message me if interested. Yes I have a real kit and yes I can do blast beats. I also have a guitar and processor and big amp just in case.