So i'm in a Alt.Rock band (More of a Pop rock band, but Alt. sounds ever so much more mature) And we've been told by a certain large music festival for unsigned bands in the UK that to secure a place on the bill we must have at least 400 likes on facebook.

But here's the thing, we've only been around for 9 months, we've had some sold out gigs, but we've had some massively poor turnouts too. That's how it goes in a band at the beginning. So, we didn't have a facebook page until about 6 months ago, and even then we didn't really push it alot until recently.

Is facebook really a bands best friend though? With so many people, let alone bands on facebook the chances of a band being noticed by your average day to day music fan is astronomically small, meaning using it as a base seems somewhat counter productive.

What i'm asking is, if facebook isn't the answer, what else works well??

Really interested to see what you all think!

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Any way to connect to your fans is a good way. Creating and sustaining a relationship is what keeps your fans. A lot of them appreciate it because bands usually don't talk to their fans. Especially for a smaller band like yourselves. You can also make a Twitter for your band and keep in touch with people on there. Thats what my band does. We haven't played any gigs, but we have a few good, strong fans willing to do just about anything for us.
well i've just started a pop punk band, i was asking myself the same thing. i ended up coming to the conclusion that any chance of being seen or heard, no matter how small is good, which is why we've joined every single network site possible, we've got facebook, working on a myspace, last.fm, twitter, tumblr, youtube, soundcloud, and we've made a free website too. i'm not one to think any publicity is good publicity, but i really wanna get us seen as much as possible, and if there's more pages about us, the better

edit; just thought i should put a link to the facebook page in my sig, so there's another reason for it
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Facebook doesn't make any promises for you, but you should attempt to use it as a marketing tool.

Word-of-mouth advertising -- developing a grass roots, die-hard fan base for your band -- is essential. When people talk about your hand positively they are giving their endorsement to a friend and, most times, that's enough to make someone come to a show. It's not because your band is good or advertised. It's because a friend, whose opinion you trust, told you to go.

You'll have to network your ass off, but it could definitely be worth it. Advertising ain't cheap, so any free advertising you can try to utilize is worth it.
You can promote yourself a thousand different ways, but make sure you always send your fans to the same place. In this case that would be your Facebook page.

In a marketing sense.. think of your Facebook page as your place of business, your music is your product, and then just imagine all the ways you can get your fans into your "business" to try your "product."
The most effective? Maybe.

The most brutal and metal? Not quite.
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